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DrivingPassion values freedom of speech. Yes, this means your posts can contain anything you want, apart from the things listed under bannable offences.
With this freedom of speech, you can freely discuss anything in off topic as long as you keep it civil. We prefer to have members learn to fit in than having to ban and flame them for not being accustomed to the forum’s daily life.
This freedom of speech finally means that the staff isn’t liable for any opinions or materials the users post. If you’re offended, please get the sand out. DrivingPassion does not do politically correct.
If at any time you feel to have an issue with the staff or how the site is run, you are encouraged not to return. The site staff and administration reserve all right to ban or remove any nuisances who choose to disregard the rules or create a disturbance on this site.


1) Piracy

1.1) For legal reasons, we cannot tolerate piracy. Discussing warez is frowned upon, but we’re not going to issue bans or warnings for this, because of the freedom of speech. What will get you banned is uploading or posting links to pirated files.

1.2) We have developed a three strikes system:

a) After the first time, you will receive a warning from the staff

b) After strike two, you will receive a temporary ban for one week

c) After strike three, you will be banned permanently

1.3) Now we know this may be harsh, but it’s already a lot more relaxed than most sites. You also have to remember we’re a site where the staff consists of volunteers. Those people who put their heart and soul into the site could get into legal trouble just because someone decided to upload pirated files.

1.4) If you’re uncertain whether or not you’re committing piracy, ask a staff member. They’re always there to help

2) Stealing other people’s work

2.1) People that mod games invest a lot of their free time into giving others new ways to enjoy the game. It would be most unfair that someone else would upload modders their creations without crediting them/having their permission. That is why we want to give the modders protection on DrivingPassion.

2.2) If you want to upload someone else’s work, always ask his permission first. If you have his permission, there is no problem and you can safely upload his mod to DrivingPassion

2.3) We have developed a three strikes system:

a) After the first time, you will receive a warning from the staff with proof of the fact that the file has been stolen

b) After strike two, you will receive a temporary ban for one week

c) After strike three, you will be banned permanently

3) Attempting to damage DrivingPassion

3.1) Hacking of DrivingPassion means:

a) Attempting to hack a user account

b) Hacking DrivingPassion

c) DDOS’ing the site

d) Making members leave due to your behavior

3.2) These are criminal offences in various legal systems around the world. Doing that makes you a criminal and gives us the right to ban you and notify the authorities if you continue to persist.

3.3) Damaging a user or a reputation of user

a) Attempting to hack or impersonate a user

b) Promoting hate against any particular user

4) Being a spambot

Because no, we don’t need your free ipads, hurrrr vote snp posts, ugg boots and penis enlargements.

5) Using Proxies for Malicious activities

Using proxies to view our website is allowed, however, if you are using them to commit acts of malicious intent, which includes harassing our community members, we will contact the proxy owner and collect your personal data in order to proceed with legal action. Proxy sites are more than happy to help when illegal activities are invoved.

6) Posting pornography

7) Shitposting

Shitposting leads to the three strikes system. Creating troll accounts will lead to instant bans for both the main and fake account.

8) Doubleposting

The only condition under which members of DrivingPassion are allowed to doublepost, is when they want to "bump" a thread with an old last post (at least 12 hours old). If that condition isn't met, then the members must use the "Edit post" function. This rule doesn't apply to the chat channels.


1.1) While we are moderating registrations, disposable email accounts will be immediately rejected.

1.2) Using Disposable email accounts to circumvent any banning you have received will have your new registration deleted.


1.1) It gets pretty obnoxious if people use large images or textwalls in their sigs to the point where there’s more sig than thread content on a page. That’s why for server loading, people with slow internet and the site aesthetics we’re putting a limit on signature size.

1.2) Your signature

a) can have an image with a maximum resolution of 600*150 pixels;

b) can consist of no more than 350 characters, including an image;

c) Modders have in principle unlimited amount of signature space only in condition if it’s used to link to DrivingPassion hosted mods.

1.3) If your signature exceeds this it will be removed and you’ll be notified of this. This notification is NOT a warning, only a friendly reminder that your signature was too large.

1.4) Your signature may not have anything referring to being a member of the staff of DrivingPassion without expressed authority from the Administration

2) Custom titles will not have any words or combination of words referring to being a staff member, present or past of DrivingPassion, without the expressed authority of the Administration.


On the forum there are several members whose names have a special colour. These all have a special meaning and yes, under certain circumstances you can get that colour too.

1) Usergroups

1.1) Administrators: These are the webmasters, tech support guys and generally the primary staffers. They are responsible for community's design, structure and public relations. They’re the ideal person to bother if you want a name change or if you want to apply for staff.

1.2) Moderators: These guys keep the forums clean, approve files you want to upload, edit and move threads and organize events and contests. If you have a problem, always contact the moderators before asking the admins.

1.3) Modders: People in this usergroup have contributed to this site by uploading their mods, talking about their projects and are pretty much the beating heart of every community. Treat them with respect and don't spam them with requests.

1.4) Modellers: People that can create works of art from scratch.

2) How to join the staff

You can’t join the staff. When a new moderator is needed, he’s chosen by the staff from the members. No matter how much you ask to be a moderator, you won’t become it that way. Be active, constructive and chill and who knows, one day the staff might ask you to join.

3) How to become a Modder

3.1) In order to become this you’ll need to meet certain criteria, it’s a reward to be called Modder, not something we give to everyone

3.2) To become a Modder you need to

a) be an active member

b) have uploaded at least 5 mods exclusive on DrivingPassion

c) have a thread about your mods

3.3) As a Modder the files you upload are being automatically approved: no more waiting till the staff approves!

All rules apply to the entire site, private messaging and within the chat channels, unless noted otherwise.