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NFSC Global Mod V1.0

This is version 1.0 ,this mod changes some things on NFSC

-Small fixes in stock cars and  bonus cars(Red line and max RPM likes real performance car)
-Police cars have a little changes(A little faster than the original game and i add more aggressiveness on the heat 6,7,8,9) ;
-Aftermarket cars have a new performance,new Engine/Exhaust and turbo  sound(turbo and SC charger fast now),small changes in nitrous system;handling(I fix the Rx7 exhaust problem,lotus elise engine likes most wanted,the cars that use the sound for_mus_c uses transwhine sound,,Now angie, kenji, wolf incial cars have performance upgrades in addition to nitro and some handling packs (in game programming now the values are (2) and nitro's value (5) comes as standard in the game, now you can only Defeat them with the car with upgrades, challenge series cars have also been upgraded except for bonus cars, cop cars, and those that are upgraded at most, I have not changed the darius's Lemans values as it comes as standard (10) , I defeated it with the RX7 Powerfull kenji);
-If you install your car upgrades for top speed, hoserpower, and turbo max RPM you did not need to use nitro much, I recommend you leave the nitro upgrades and handling with the configuration (0-0-0)
-Lights have a new britness;
-And have others alterations;
- You need  have version 1.4 (I do not have the collector version, but I believe it should work in both);
-NFSC extra options by nlgzrgn last version;
- Have need the model fixed Porsche  911 Turbo s (996) (NFSMW);
-I recommend you have the enb, sweet fx and reshade;
You can post video using this mod on youtube
-This mod has few bugs, but if you have a bug send me a PM, in the future I think of making more changes and some retextures in the cars
-You can change this mod for own use,Do not distribute this mod or modify it without my permission
-This mod use a base  Tuning mod v2.1;
-I used the VTL 2.1,this mod have a small bugs i no have idea to fix it.

Credits for

NFS 360 by NFS VTL
379 felipe for  tuning mod v2.1