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NFSMW Extra Options

NFS Most Wanted - Extra Options - Build 5; Rev.02
Made by nlgzrgn
Source Code is on GitHub: GitHub - nlgzrgn/NFSMWExOpts: Need for Speed Most Wanted Extra Options

(Almost every option can be edited from .ini file.)

– (NEW!) You can save your current position on the world and load it when required.
> Press Left Shift + 1-5 to save your position.
> Press Left Ctrl + 1-5 to load it.
! Saved positions will be stored on a text file called "HotPositionL2RA.HOT" in TRACKS folder.

– (NEW!) You can change the size of your car. (FOR FUN)
> RC Cars on Rockport? Yeah, it's possible now.
! Light dummies and collisions won't be affected.
! Semi trucks with trailers will look strange.

– (NEW!) You can modify the World Animation Speed.
> Those trees are waving so fast? Try this option!

– (NEW!) You can mess with Garage Camera.
> Rotate it down to flip that garage upside down.
> Zoom it out to see where you are.
> Enable camera movement on any menu, so you can rotate your car around while you're tuning it.

– (NEW!) You can control traffic density for Quick Race.
> You can now change traffic density values (Low, Medium and High).
> See the config file!

– Fixed some vanilla game bugs.
> (NEW!) You can use open-wheel cars now! Disappearing wheels issue is fixed.
> (NEW!) Fixed crash, 2nd controller and black screen for Split Screen mode. (Didn't add a menu option for it, yet. ONLY FOR EXPERTS.)
> Removed starting heat level option from quick race events to fix a bug with Challenge game mode. Now it gets read from the event you'll play.
> Fixed empty icon bug for Quick Race Track Select screen. Challenge and unknown game modes will show Challenge Series icon there.
> Fixed crash when selecting a track from Tollbooth, Lap Knockout, Speedtrap and Challenge game modes on LAN.
> Fixed LAN race info for Tollbooth, Lap Knockout, Speedtrap and Challenge game modes. No more "phils default string".
! Race behaviours are not fixed, they're still the same. So be careful.

– You can unlock all tracks and play hidden ones!
> Press F5 to unlock all tracks.
> If ShowHiddenTracks option is enabled from .ini, they'll be added to the list, too.

– You can play Burger King challenge without entering the "burgerking" cheat code.
> Just enable the UnlockBurgerKingChallenge option from .ini and go eat some burgers!

– You can install Special Vinyls on your car now.
> Looking for a boss vinyl? I've added them to the menu. Just go install them!
! Some cars don't have special vinyls.

– You can enable Auto Drive now.
> Press F6 and your car will go on its own.

– You can use Carbon-Style race progress now.
> No more LAPS 1/1! You'll see % progress on 1-lap races now.

– You can use unused Widescreen Splash image.
> It looks nice, give it a try.

– You can change the time limit of Splash Screen.
> 30 seconds aren't enough? Make it a minute, an hour, maybe a day!

– You can enable hidden camera modes without any file replacement nor ModLoader mod!
! I've also fixed the names for you!

– You can add Debug and Preset car categories to Car Select screen.
> Debug has some special cars, Black Edition and Challenge Series cars.
> Preset has BMW M3 GTR from career start. (Low performance)

– Added some options from ModLoader for non-ModLoader users.
> Run the game in a window, or skip movies directly!
> I don't know who is saying the last word if ModLoader is enabled.

– Added some options to edit rain!
> Open the .ini file and go to the [Weather] section. Set it as you like!

– You can now see all customization options for all cars!
> Get a BMW, install it some rims from Parts menu. Don't forget to buy your Junkmans from Performance.

– You can enable subtitles for English!
> German, French, Spanish, all have subtitles. Why not English?

– You can play Final Pursuit (1.8.1) from the Quick Race menu!
> I've added it Challenge option to menu for you.
! If you didn't finish the career mode, you'll stay stuck on a Loading screen.

– You can change bin index for Challenge Series. (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)
> Change the ChallengeSeriesBlacklist option from .ini and you'll get race events of any blacklist as challenge series.

– You can select any Tollbooth race directly from the Quick Race menu!
> I've added it to menu for you. Just run the game and select the race you want.

– You can enable or disable cops directly from where you select laps, difficulty and stuff!
> Yes, you've read it right. Cops can be enabled and disabled now from the Track Options menu.
> Select a track. While making your settings, enable the Cops option. In race, get their attention!

– You can remove the Online option from Main Menu.
> Who needs that online mode? Your game needs to be original* for it.
* Even if it's original, you can't play online without a server emulator (I think they don't exist, I don't know any.). So, just remove it!
> You can add Online Options to Options Menu. I wanted to add it, I don't know if it's used or not.

– You can select different Lap and Opponent counts for KO!
> Make a 2 lap race with your 3 opponents. The last one will go after the first lap and other 3 can enjoy the challenging 2nd one!

– You can change the mode of your headlights now.
> Press H to change them between off (0), low beam (1) and high beam (2).
! Your latest headlight setting will be saved into the .ini file and it will be loaded from there.

– You can remove the barriers.
> You want to open the road to the Old Bridge? JUST DO IT! Don't let your dreams be dreams.
> You want to remove the neon barriers that forces you to stay on the road, or a small area? YES, YOU CAN!
! When you remove the neon barriers, you'll get a clear map of Rockport for Career Mode! No more black map at locked areas!

– You can force the game to any(?) Heat Level.
> Press F7 to enable heat level override, which will change minimum* and maximum* heat level limits and let you get up to x10!
! This option can be force-enabled from .ini file.
> Press PageUp to change your heat level if you want.
* See the config file.
! x0 doesn't appear at the HUD.

–Lap and opponent count restrictions are modified for both Random Race and Custom Race.
> You can have from 0 (which makes the race unlimited) to 127 (Really long races) laps.
> You can have from 0 (forever alone) to 6* (the others don't want to come to the race, they're afraid!) opponents.
* The game loads maximum 6 bots in a race. Usually, the last 3 one gets corrupted cars.
! Don't want to wait for 30 randomizations? You can change the randomize count for the Random Races.

–You can freeze your car to use it anywhere.
  1. Go to the any* Car Select menu.
  2. Find the car you like.
  3. While it's on screen, press F4.
  4. Start any Quick Race (Select any car, you'll get the frozen one.) or Challenge Series event (With your superfast Pizza delivery car! :D), or go for a Free Roam**.
* Don't try to select a car from the Add New Car option on My Cars menu. Select it from already added ones.
** If you get the cops' attention in Career Mode, disable the Car Hack pressing F4 key. So, your game will not crash after pursuit.
! You can even use locked cars with this option!

–You can use the Cop Lights.
> Press O key to enable or disable them.
! Use a police car, please.
! Your latest cop lights setting will be saved into the .ini file and it will be loaded from there.

–You can add Roger "Rog" (Unknown Surname) to the Blacklist 15. (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)
> Change the MaximumBlacklistRival option from ini, open the Blacklist 15 menu and select him (#16).
! His race and milestones sections are empty.
! His bio is wrong.
! Don't try to see his car or movie from the bio screen. Your game will crash.
> An experimental fix is added to prevent crashes for unexistent blacklist rivals (bins).

– You can modify the Game Speed for races.
> Use GameSpeed option from config file to set game speed.
! It doesn't affect menus.
! Too low and high values will corrupt car physics and control responsiveness.

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! Before installation, make sure you're using v1.3 speed.exe (5,75 MB (6.029.312 bytes)).
If not, just search "NFS Most Wanted NO DVD Crack RELOADED" on Google, Bing or any search engine you like.

! If your game is still on v1.2, you can find the v1.3 patch on:

Now you can install the Extra Options. Just follow these steps:
  1. Open "Main Files" folder.
  2. Select everything.
  3. Copy them to your NFSMW Installation Folder. (Use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V / Cmd+C, Cmd+V / Strg+C, Strg+V; Right-Click > Copy; via xcopy command on CMD; or how do you like it.)
  4. (Optional) Edit the NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini file.
  5. Run NFSMW.
  6. And do whatever you want!

Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

Build 5; Rev.02:
* Fixed a possible problem with Car Size hack.

Build 5; Rev.01:
+ Added Traffic Density Controllers.
+ Fixed disappearing wheels bug.
+ Added Garage Camera Hacks.
+ Added an option to change World Animation Speed.
+ Added car model size modifiers. (FOR FUN)
+ Added "Hot Position Saver/Loader".
+ Added Felicopters.
- Removed Felicopters back, it was too confusing for last users.
* Fixed Split Screen mode crash, black screen and 2nd controller. (Didn't add it to menu yet. ONLY FOR EXPERTS.)
* Fixed overwrite issue of Misc options.
* Fixed Lap Controllers and Car Categories aren't working on LAN Lobby.
* Changed string editing method to a more proper one. (Copyright will be in English.)

Build 4; Rev.04:
* Fixed crash when you select a paintable vinyl when Special Vinyl Category is enabled.
* Changed the string used for "Drift" camera name. It now uses a leftover string from Language Files. (Note: It's uppercase.)

Build 4; Rev.03:
+ Added "Challenge Series Bin" option. (For experts only.)
+ Added an experimental fix for Unexistent Blacklist crash.
+ Added "General Rain Amount" and "Road Reflection Amount" into Weather options.
* Fixed an issue with "Maximum Blacklist Rival" option for new save games.
* Fixed minimap for "Remove Neon Barriers" option.
* Fixed Road Reflection for "Always Rain" option.
* Fixed some issues with Car Hack.

Build 4; Rev.02: (Unreleased build)
+ Fixed LAN track selection for Tollbooth, Lap Knockout, Speedtrap and Challenge game modes.
+ Fixed LAN race info for Tollbooth, Lap Knockout, Speedtrap and Challenge game modes.
* Increased maximum randomize count limit from 256 to 500.
* Decreased maximum opponents count limit from 126 to 15. (More than 15 crashes the game.)
* Seperated “Show Tollbooth” and “Show Challenge” options.
* Seperated “Unlock All Tracks” and “Show Hidden Tracks” options.

Build 4; Rev.01: (Unreleased build)
! Changed some .ini entries.
+ Added "Show Online Options" option. (Experimental)
+ Added "Show Subtitles for English Language" option.
+ Added brightness settings for Cop Lights and Headlights.
* Fixed Cop Lights and Headlights statuses are not being loaded.
+ Added "Show All Customization Options For All(?) Cars" option.
+ Added "Advanced Force Heat Level Hack".
- Removed "Simple Force Heat Level Hack".
- Removed starting heat level option from quick race. (To fix a bug)
+ Added "Heat Level Override" option.
+ Added some weather options to edit rain.
+ Added options from ModLoader. (I don't know who is saying the last word.)
+ Added Debug and Preset car categories to Car Select screen.
+ Added "Enable Hidden Camera Modes" option.
+ Added an option to change time limit of Splash Screen.
+ Added an option to use unused Widescreen Splash image.
+ Added "Carbon-Style Race Progress" option.
+ Added "Auto Drive" option.
+ Added special vinyl category to vinyl selection menu.
+ Added "Unlock All Tracks" option.
+ Added "Unlock Burger King Challenge" option.
* Fixed empty icon bug for Quick Race Track Select screen.
* Made a change on "Show Tollbooth" option. Now it also adds Challenge mode to menu.
* Fixed (froze) "Cops" option to "On" for Challenge race mode to fix "Stuck on Loading Screen" bug.
* Removed more traces of "Widescreen Fix" from source code.
- Removed source code from archive.
! From now on, source code will be uploaded to GitHub.

Build 3 (Final Release) :
+ Added "Show Tollbooth on Quick Race Menu" option.
+ Added "Show Cops on Track Options Menu" option.
+ Added "Hide Online from Main Menu" option.
+ Added "Randomize Count" option.
+ Added "Headlights" option.
* When you change the Cop lights or headlights option in game, it will be saved to the .ini file.
+ Added "Allow changing lap count for KO" option.
+ Added "Remove barriers" option from my previous script which I've made for the testing purposes.
- Removed "Force Tollbooth" option.
- Removed "Force-Enable Cops in Quick Race" option.
* When you change the Heat Level, starting heat level will be changed for "cops enabled" quick races.
* Reworked .ini file.
+ Added version check. The script will give an error and detach itself if you're using the wrong .exe.

Build 3 Pre-Release:
! First official release!
+ Added Car Hack (Freeze Car) option.
+ Added Cop Lights option.
+ Added config file to edit hotkeys and controllers.
* Made changes for force heat level option. Now it uses seperate keys to enable option and to change heat level.
! Fixed "msvcp/r120d.dll" thing. The script is now building in release mode.
+ Added Max Blacklist Rival controller. Now you can see #16 Rog!
+ Added Maximum Lap and Opponent controllers for Random Race.
+ Added Game Speed option.
! Bugs & Crashes can/will occur, because it's a pre-release version.

Build 2:
+ Added Simple Force Heat Level Hack.

Build 1:
+ Initial release.

Thanks to:

samfednik; for RaceOptions, Lights' addresses and his research about Split Screen mode.
379Felipe; for testing, his great help and Portuguese (Brasil) translation.
BloodyThunderX (HGCentral); for testing.
MWisBest; for his great help.
MWInside; for his great help.
Speedyheart; for her great help.
Xan1242; for his great help.
The author of "AScripts" folder; which belongs to a trainer.
NTGV 80.8 and Eclipse 72Rus (CorvetteZ06); for removing the neon barriers and the one which blocks the way of Old Bridge.
AKuHAK1; for the method I’ve used on Advanced Force Heat Level hack.
ThirteenAG; for Ultimate ASI Loader and .ini Reader.
thelink2012; for injector.
Me; for hacks & this mod.

And who I’ve forgotten to thank here.

Final Notes:

This mod is licensed under GNU/GPLv3. So, you can use the source code from it and improve it as I stay as the original creator.

If you find any issue, just post it here:
Issues nlgzrgn/NFSMWExOpts GitHub

You can also send your improvements from GitHub as well:
Pull Requests nlgzrgn/NFSMWExOpts GitHub

Don’t try to steal my mod in any way.
If you will upload this archive somewhere else; you can add a read me and customize the .ini comments (Texts after “//”) for your language.
But please don’t delete any file from this download.

See ya!
2016 nlgzrgn - No rights reserved. ;)


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