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Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Speedometer

- Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Custom Hud by Nox -

Instructions: To install just extract the file inside the archive to the GLOBAL folder and replace when asked. The custom HUD will appear in the 6th slot of the custom HUD's section in the "Visual" parts of the Customization/Tuning Shop

NOTE: To get this mod working properly (with a clean looking interface) make sure to download and install Terrasphere_385 "New Custom HUD Interface + New Speedometer" first! You can find it in this link: Need For Speed Most Wanted New Custom HUD Interface + New Speedometer | NFSCars


> This mod was created by myself by editing an original Gallardo LP560-4 Speedometer pic I found in the net with Paint Shop Pro X. This was a part of my first unreleased NFSMW mod. I'm a noob in photo editing but I think this looks decent, it's not HR but it was the best I could do. Plus, it actually works (it doesn't cover up info and you can see the speed you're going).

> This mod is an exclusive release for the site "Driving Passion". YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD THIS FILE TO ANY OTHER SITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK, such as
Facebook etc.

> Last but not least, the "demo" pic was taken without Terrasphere_385 mod I mentioned above so it doesn't look that good with the NOS, Speedbreaker and other icons visible but follow the instructions and try it out.