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RUF CTR3 Clubsport/SMS-R

This is my second mod for NFS Most Wanted and my first attempt at editing car performance.
The car has been converted from Project CARS and replaces the Carrera GT.
My aim was to have one of my favorite cars and make it as customizable and true to the game as possible.

-Almost fully customizable - everything can be modified except roof scoops (for obvious reasons)
-Kits 1 and 2 taken from the RUF CTR3 SMS-R
-Edited performance from the Carrera GT (challenging to handle but not undrivable - just like in PCARS)
-Turbo Flat Six engine noise
-7 speed sequential gearbox
-Price: $510,000
-New manufacturer and secondary logos created by me

The model and kits have been converted from Project CARS and edited.
-Most hoods as well as damage, decals, and vinyls are taken from the NFS Most Wanted Carrera GT and 911 Carrera S models.
-NFS UC driver model is used

-No stock turbo (anyone know if there's a solution for this?)
-some vinyl mapping problems
-other small graphical issues

-DMN for ripping the CTR3 Clubsport and SMS-R models from Project CARS
-FOX for ripping the driver model from NFS Undercover
-TerraSphere_385 for the very useful performance calculator

Main tools used:
NFS Tex Ed

Manufacturer RUF
Model CTR3
Type Conversion
Replaces Porsche Carrera GT