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1970 Buick Skyark GS 455

1970 Buick Skylark GS 455
Converted from Forza 4
Replaces Cadillac CTS

- LOD1 interior and exterior; LOD0 brakes, front discs, rear drums
- Different shader for the main body, less reflective, no ugly two-tone pearl paint
- Two different attributes files, one with typical tuning and one with simulation-like tuning, explained below
- Factory-only performance; base engine is the 455, upgraded is 455 Stage-1, also explained below
- 4 body options
- Textured brakelights; the bulb itself actually lights up, not just the glass
- Driver has his hand on the shifter
- Costs 35000 and unlocks at Blacklist level 8

Sim-tuning explained
When EA made the game, the default settings were relatively realistic. Which is good if you have a wheel and pedals but not if you use a keyboard. To compensate for this, EA tuned the cars using unimaginably crazy specifications; for example, tire friction coefficients greater than 2.5. What I did was I went through and changed every single node to a value that I thought would be more realistic. The car handles much better in my opinion and I learned a lot about how the game actually calculates this data. You can try it out by renaming the default ATTRIBUTES.bin file to something else and naming ATTRIBUTES_simulator.bin to just ATTRIBUTES.bin. If you don't like it, there's always the standard attributes script.

The performance options for the simulation tuned car is exactly what you would find if you walked into the dealership 43 years ago. You start with the base Skylark GS model and select options that were available then. To get performance figures I read up on Car Life's December 1969 issue where they tested a GS Stage-1; quarter mile time was 14.6 seconds and estimated top speed was 129 mph. I also read Car Life's March 1968 issue where they tested a GS 400; the quarter mile time was 14.4 seconds and top speed was 110 with the dealer installed 3.91:1 axle. I put that data through a few equations then just compensated for the change in engine displacement and different axle ratio. There's also no ABS or Stability Control so have fun with that.

GS 455 engine -> 455 Stage-1 engine
Turbo Hydramatic 3-Speed, 3.64:1 axle -> Muncie 4-Speed, 3.64:1 axle
GS suspension -> GSX suspension (wider front track and stiffer springs)
tires don't change
brakes don't change
no forced induction options
- stock body is GS 455, body 1 is 455 Stage-1, body 2 is GSX in yellow, body 3 is GSX in white

- I tried to completely remove the rev limiters on the engines but I didn't like what it did to the in-game tachometer. On the 455, the rev limit is at 5500 and the 455 Stage-1 is at 7000 (end of the tach), but both visual red lines are at the correct 5000 rpm.
- I tried messing around with the Differential nodes a little bit to see if I could get a proper positraction axle but my efforts were to no avail.
- Cops call the car a 'sedan' because there's obviously no copaudio option for 'Buick.'
- If I missed something let me know via pm, don't complain to me saying the realistically tuned car has too much understeer, I made it that way for a reason.

Last request, I'd like some feedback on the whole layout of the vehicle, I won't be changing it but it would be for future reference. Just, for the whole tuning thing and bodykit options, I want to know your mature opinion. Not "OMG why are there no spoilers!"

Turn10 - model and textures
Oleg - zmodeler 1 and 2
FOX - converting *.carbin files for me because my computers retarded
arushan - Most wanted Mod Tools
Car Life and for specs
GTR Network - a friendly and helpful community
A12_Roadrunner - conversion and screenshots